Is the parking watch approved by the Transport Authority?

The parking watch parking disc has been approved by the Public Transport Authority and therefore labeling FS 20 on the front.



How does the parking watch work?

The parking watch is automatically activated a short time after you park the car (reaction time about 20 seconds). Parking time is rounded to the nearest quarter or half an hour.

It is of course also possible to set the parking time manually.



Is it possible to enter the time and date again if I made a mistake?

You can always change the date and time. Repeat the process described in the manual. You can find the manual here.



Does the parking watch automatically adjust when daylight saving time comes?

The parking watch is designed so that it adjusts automatically for daylight saving time.



How does the parking watch react if its too hot or cold?

The product has been tested and works flawlessly at the temperatures> 20 ° and <+ 70 °



Small air bubbles in the adhesive pads are visible after I installed the parking watch. Why?

If not all grease and dirt is removed from the inside of the windscreen or if there is a lot of dust in the air in the mounting moment, there may be small "bumps / bubbles"

under the adhesive pads.



What do I do when displaying character 'E' on display?

If your parking watch is showing the character 'E', you must contact the store you bought it from. Bring your receipt.





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