Innovation in focus

In cooperation with Danish designers and engineers Samatech ApS has developed an automatic parking watch, which detects the parking time and is supplied via an integrated solar cell technology.

The idea for Park Solar occurred when one of the founders of Samatech ApS received a parking fine, because his parking watch ran out of battery. Unfortunately, this situation is familiar to many of us. It is precisely here Park Solar can make a difference!



High-class technology

The technology of Park Solar ensures that the parking disc will be activated shortly after you have parked your car.

It registers the parking time automatically and sets it to the nearest quarter of an hour (which is a legal requirement in Denmark).

Similarly, Park Solar registers when you resume driving and deactivates the parking mode.

The solar technology and the automatic activation mean, that you do not have to worry about setting the parking time.

It is also possible to set the parking time manually, though.



Classic design

With Park Solar the details are in focus. In addition to the well-thought-out technological device, you also get an aesthetic product

that will embellish your car, contrary to many other parking discs.

The design is simple and classic, ideal for the quality-conscious user who appreciates functionality and aesthetics in everyday life.


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